Travelers' Path was one of the series of roads built by the Crab Clan in the 5th century within the Twilight Mountains, the one which led to Heichi sano Negura, in the remote valley known as the Lair. [1]

Secretive Stronghold Edit

The Lair was the place where a secretive stronghold of the Boar sat, Heichi sano Negura. Travelers' Road was patrolled by Boar samurai who covered the mon on their clothing and armor, appearing as nothing more than wandering ronin. They intercepted anyone who might threaten the Lair, they were offered a choice between death or becoming permanent “guests” residing there. [2]

Path to Jigoku Edit

For the rest of Rokugan this ancient road was much more ominous. Many heimin and samurai had traveled the road never to return. Crab villages near the road referred to it as the Path to Jigoku. Once the Jade Magistrate Isawa Konetsu sweore to cleanse the path of whatever evil spirits corrupted it, but he eventually disappeared from Rokugan. [3]


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