Tr-ch'da was nezumi berserker of the Crippled Bone Tribe.

Returned city Edit

In 1165 the Tsuno Soultwisters returned to Ningen-do a city that had been sent to the Realm of Dream by the Nezumi Shamans more than thousand years ago. [1] Hiruma Scouts had discovered the city and rushed to report its existence to the Crippled Bone Tribe, but Daigotsu's Obsidian Magistrates knew that this strange magic would be better put to use by the Stained Paw Tribe. The Crippled Bone looted the ruins long before the Stained Paw could arrive. [2] Tr-ch'da was part of the pack that hunted and killed the shadowlands that came to the city. [1]

Leaving the City Edit

The chieftain of the tribe, Te'tik'kir, requested the pack to come back and join him. Tr-ch'da did not want to leave the city uncontested to the group of Obsidian Magistrates led by M'atch-tek'ch that fought the nezumi. His packmate Dak-rik convinced him that Te'tik'kir was wise chieftain and they should follow his request. [1]

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