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Toyotomi district

The Toyotomi district was the Northeastern outer district of Otosan Uchi. Once considered a filthy area, it was cleaned up by its governor Shiba Toyotomi, prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1] It was named Teketshin district after the Scorpion Coup. [2] It was also known as both the Prison district and the Moon district to the Sentaku Tribunal, a district others considered cursed by both the presence of Otosan Uchi's one and only prison and by the presence of the sinister Temple devoted to Onnotangu. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In 1123 during the Scorpion Coup the Toyotomi district was taken almost immediately by the Scorpion in the first day of assault. From there the Scorpion moved to secure the northwestern inland road, cutting the Imperial City off from the rest of Rokugan. [4] A group of Matsu prisoners were burnt alive, ordered by Shosuro Taberu. [5] The fire spread, engulfing many heimin homes across the Toyotomi, Meiyoko, and Hojize districts. [6] The district was liberated by the combined armies of the clans by dawn of the fifth day. [7] The district was mostly leveled by the fights. [8]

After the Coup Edit

Isawa Teketshin was appointed as governor, and the district was known as Teketshin district. With the help of Mamoru and Hojize districts in 1125 the district had been erected anew. The Tortoise Clan devoted one year removing to clearing away the rubble and starting over. [9]

Notable Locations Edit


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