Born: Unknown 
Died: 1171

Touzo was a ronin bandit who harassed the northern Phoenix lands from their base camp located in the Mori Isawa.

Isawa Mori Edit

His fellow bandits were cut down almost to the man when the yobanjin Army of Fire marched through the forest. Shortly after the War of Dark Fire ended in 1171 the villages near the forest fell to the plague, forcing him to live again in the forest. The monks of the nearby Temple of the Eight Guardians aided him, and he would set a fire using several parchments they monks gave to him.

Death Edit

The Dark Oracle of Air Jomyako appeared. Touzo was killed when she read one of the monk discarded parchments, a letter she wrote to her love when she already was Soshi Jomyako.

Rule broken Edit

A Oracle was governed by several rules they should not break, and one was that they could not harm unless threatened. Jomyako anguish was so heavy that she broke it.


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