The Tournament of Thunder was a competition of pure strength and martial prowess.

Host Edit

The tournament was orchestrated by the Order of Thunder, the monks who served the Fortune Osano-Wo. It followed no schedule or structure. They invited great warriors to compete for the Favor of Osano-Wo. [1]

Mechanics Edit

Competition was limited to single-elimination unarmed combat duels between competitors. Shugenja were permitted to participate, but invoking the kami was also forbidden. The use of Kiho was not restricted, giving advantage to the monk and shugenja. [1]

Known Tournaments Edit

First tournament Edit

In 675 the first tournament was held. Over a hundred competitors participated, and it was won by a monk of Bishamon, Fortune of Strength. The monk took the name Kobo, after a legendary monk from early in the Empire's history. [2] The tournament was not held again until decades later, after the monk's death. [3]

Tournament - 912 Edit

Koan won the tournament of Thunder in 912. [4]

Known tournaments and winners Edit

Kobo 675
Koan 912


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