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Touch of the Spirit Realms (Advantage, 5 points) [Spiritual] [1]

A character with the Touch of the Spirit Realms advantage has a fragment of a Spirit Realm in his soul. [2]

  • Chikushudo: the animals have a special affinity with the character.
  • Gaki-do: characters draw part of the inner force of those who they killed.
  • Jigoku: the connection with the Underwold enhances the attack abilities of the character.
  • Maigo no Musha: the characters get recognition of their deeds.
  • Meido: the characters are less prone to be manipulated.
  • Sakkaku: the characters enhance their deception skills.
  • Tengoku: the characters are more resistant to the call of Jigoku.
  • Toshigoku: the characters are eager to engage in close combat.
  • Yomi: the ancestors of the character granted his knowledge of a selected skill.
  • Yume-do: the characters have deeper meditation than average.

Characters Known to Have this Advantage Edit


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