Toturi family
Organization: Imperial Families 
Founded: 1128 
Daimyo: Defunct family

The Toturi family was one of Rokugan's Imperial Families and was formed after Toturi became Emperor of Rokugan. It was the family of the Emperor and consisted of those samurai sworn directly to his name. Unlike the Hantei Emperors, the Toturi Emperors had chosen to allow samurai other than themselves, their wives, and their pre-gempukku children to carry the Imperial name.

The Toturi Mon Edit

The mon of the Toturi Emperors and their family was the same as the mon of the Hantei Emperors. Presumably, Toturi I adopted the mon of the former dynasty to aid in the transition of power after his ascension to the throne.

Legitimacy Edit

Lacking the standardized traditions of the Hantei Dynasty's thousand-plus years of rule, the Toturi could not rely on social tradition and continuity to maintain their position. Each Toturi Emperor had to prove his legitimacy and authority for himself. [1]

Fallen dynasty Edit

In 1169 during the Khan's Defiance the heirs of the Toturi family died. Kaneka, Isawa Sezaru, and the bride of Toturi III, Toturi Kurako, passed away during the Battle of Toshi Ranbo. The Imperial Throne remained vacant, and the next dynasty was unclear at that moment, [2] [3] as well as the fate of the Toturi family itself. The last Toturi was Doji Yasuyo, widow of Kaneka. [4]

Defunct family Edit

In 1170 the Celestial Heavens considered the Toturi line finished, and it was sumonned the Celestial Tournament to select the new Emperor. [5] Toturi Shigekawa was appointed as the last Toturi Daimyo, the last leader of a family which would end with him. [6] The Toturi sought to find a purpose by taking control of the Imperial Guard. To the Seppun, with no Emperor there was little point in serving as the Imperial Guard, so they helped in training the Toturi and begun the transfer of their Seppun Miharu school to the Toturi family. [7]

Toturi Daimyo Edit

The following is a listing of all Toturi Daimyo since the family's founding until his demise.

Toturi I 1129 - 1158
Toturi Kaede 1158 - 1160
Toturi III 1160 - 1168
Toturi Kurako 1168 - 1169
Toturi Shigekawa 1170 - ?

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