Toturi's Daisho 
Toturi's Daisho
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Akodo Toturi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Toturi's Daisho were wielded by Akodo Toturi, who would become the Emperor Toturi I.

Appearance Edit

The swords were sheathed in plain black saya. The sword hilts were golden, worked in the image of a prowling wolf. [1]

Lost of the Daisho Edit

In 1158 Toturi was traveling to Ryoko Owari escorted by a Scorpion guard. The group was assaulted by Daigotsu's forces and Toturi was killed by the Onisu Fushin. Shosuro Toson had seen the duel, but was unable to aid Toturi. He fetched the swords from Emperor's corpse rather than allow them to be Tainted. [1]

Under quarantine Edit

Toson later gave them to Seppun Hotaitaka, who did not immediately reveal the swords' discovery to Empress Toturi Kaede because he was concerned that they might have already been Tainted. In the time it took to be certain the blades were clean, Kaede had disappeared and left the Four Winds to challenge each other for claim to the throne. Hotaitaka kept the daisho a secret until a true Emperor was named, so that he would not give one a boon over the others. [1]

Forgotten Edit

Hotaitaka fell ill shortly before the coronation of Toturi's son, Toturi Naseru, as Toturi III and died shortly after, and a such was unable to pass the daisho along. His sucessor was unaware of the significance of the blades, and they remained away from the Imperial line. [1]

Kept away from Naseru Edit

The Daisho had been recognized by the Seppun, but the leader of the Hidden Guard, Seppun Toshiaki, kept it away from the Emperor. Toshiaki was a Gozoku memeber and want to diminish Naseru support severing the connectiongs between the Emperor and his memory's father, a hero for the Rokugani. [1]

Recovery of the Daisho Edit

In 1166 Otomo Hoketuhime returned the Toturi's Daisho to the Emperor Toturi III as a present for the Iuchiban's death. The Otomo spies had retrieved it from the Seppun, and returning it to Naseru was a very clear and public way to show that the Otomo family and its leader Hoketuhime supported Naseru against the Gozoku. [1]

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