Toturi's Battle Standard 
Toturi's Battle Standard
Created by: Otomo Yayu,
Others Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Toturi's Battle Standard was the first banner carried by Toturi's Army. [1]

Appearance Edit

The Battle Standard was an imposing flag made from layers of white silk, decorated with a golden dragon coiled inside a narrow ring of gold upon a night blue sky. This nemuranai was attached to a pole shaped as an inverted L, allowing the standard to be tied in one of its sides as well as on its top. This ensured it remained open and visible even there was no wind. [2] It bore the symbol of a wolf, drawn in black ink. Beneath it was a single line of characters. "For the Empire." In the top corner was small mark, the personal chop of Otomo Yayu. [1] one of the paintors of the banner. [3]

Abilities Edit

The Banner radiated an aura of resolve, and those warriors near it resisted feat effects. The commander of an army bearing the banner increased his insight in battle. [3]

Recovery of the Banner Edit

Toturi's Battle Standard 2

Toturi's Battle Standard

In 1166 a Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter, Tsuruchi Masanori, discovered the Toturi's Battle Standard in a cave while pursuing some bandits through the ruins of Beiden. He immediately took the cloth to his commander Yoritomo Egumi who in turn sent word to Yoritomo Kumiko, the Mantis Clan Champion. [3] Yoritomo Kamoto recognized it and Kumiko gave the banner to the Bat Clan Champion Komori with instructions to offer it to Toturi's illegitimate son, the pShogun Kaneka. [1] Kaneka accepted the banner and made Masanori his personal standard bearer. [3]

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