City between the Rivers

City between the Rivers (U17)

The City between the Rivers (U17) in the Ikoku province [1] was an ancient holding that predated the return of the Unicorn to Rokugan. [2] The city guarded the junction between the two main rivers that flowed out of Unicorn lands, the Sleeping River and the Firefly River. Only once had an invasion force moved against the Unicorn travelling up-river, and it was such a dismal failure it had never been tried again. [3]

Defending Point Edit

Originally, the city was but a simple stone castle with a small village outside, which soon became one of the most important trading centers in the Unicorn provinces. The Fifteenth Junghar Legion defended the city, supported by three Khol legions. [4] It served as the principal defense against invading forces. Broad and imposing, it could be reached only by fording the Sleeping River, an arduous task leaving even the largest armies opened to retaliation. The Unicorn housed their diplomatic and ambassadorial corps here, as well as representatives from the Emperor and the other Clans. All political dealings, business arrangements and offers of allegiance started and ended within these walls. [5] [6]

Crossroads Edit

The village was a key element in the Unicorn trading routes, a crossroads from both the northern and western reaches of Unicorn lands. Carts and small boats arrived nearly year-round, and once the resources were assembled and inventoried, they were distributed by merchants. [7]

History Edit

Lion Attacks Edit

The city was attacked throguh the water by the Lion, but an arsenal of war machines of barbarian design, as the ballistas and catapults had wreaked havoc on the Lion ships. [8]

War of Spirits Edit

During the War of Spirits the city was seized by the forces of the Steel Chrysanthemum, which gained entrance through subterfuge. [8]


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