Toshi no Naishou was the capital of Naishou province, situated on the western bank of the Itochu River. It increased in size since the arrival of an Imperial governor, whose palace was located on the riverbank. The eastern bank of the river housed the city's eta community. [1]

Religious Edit

The tribes in the region were highly devoted to the Fortunes even before the province became part of Rokugan, with the Seven Fortunes especially revered. The population had remained exceptionally pious ever since, a tendency reinforced by the Phoenix Clan's tenure in control of the city. Nearly half of the heimin could read and write, an unusually high rate of literacy for commoners. Fortunist monks in the area had a strong influence, and they believed that population able to read religious texts would reinforce their piety. [2]

Notable Locations Edit

Known Governors Edit


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