Toshi no Inazuma

The City of Lightning

The City of Lightning (M2) in the Inazuma province [1] was a Mantis city devoted to Osano-Wo, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder.

Founding Edit

The city was founded during the beginning of the Mantis exploration of their islands, in the year 107. Seven men who had just landed on a new island had the same dream while they were sleeping. Osano-Wo showed them a view of the future, the Mantis spread over the Mantis Islands, mainland Rokugan, and beyond. The last image showed a Mantis Emperor ruling over an Empire from a palace crafted of diamond. [2]

From the City of Lightning will the Mantis grow.

Open City Edit

A bolt of lightning awakaned the group, and the place it struck became the foundation for the Temple of Lightning and, years later, the City of Lightning. The city developed a reputation as a completely open city where anyone was welcomed, including gaijin as Alhundro Cornejo. [2]

Temple of Osano-Wo Edit

Its Temple of Osano-Wo was one of the most extravagant temples in Rokugan. [3]

Lightning Edit

The Yoritomo living there learned the use of metal poles could direct the fury of the Fortune of Thunder safely to the ground to avoid fires. Most of the time the storms for which the city was famous could be seen on the horizon. However, during the hot months of the summer, the storms passed right over the Islands. [4]

Night of Thunder's Kiss Edit

The City itself was always being struck by lightning at least once a year, and the Temple of Osano-Wo as the tallest building was usually the target. [5] [3] During this night, called the Night of Thunder's Kiss the monks who tended the temple performed the Thunder's Kiss kata, marked with the rythm of the thunderbolts. The shouts of the monks and sound of thunder began to crescendo, getting louder and louder with each passing moment, making it an spectacle that many villagers and sailors gathered to see. [6]

Other temples Edit

Toshi no Inazuma 2

Toshi no Inazuma (M2)

Other Fortunes revered in the City of Lightning were Suitengu, Daikoku, Isora and Natsu-Togumara. [4]

Nearby Locations Edit

Just on the beach north of the city laid Beautiful Dawn Port, the unofficial ancestral home of the Watanabe family. [7] Forty-five miles north of Toshi no Inazuma at the top of the Cliff of Weakness sat Dojo Raiden, the oldest Mantis dojo still in existence. [8] The Tortoise manned the Distant Turtle City and its port, just outside the city walls. [9] The Temple of Suitengu was located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mantis Isles, only a few hours' ride south of the city. [10] The Green Blade Dojo was located northeast the city. [11]

History Edit

Gaijin Edit

In the 5th century Merenae and Thrane travelers found refuge at Toshi no Inazuma, hnoring the reputation of being an “open” city where few were turned away. [12]

Mantis Civil War Edit

During the Mantis Civil War the City of Lightning became the headquarters of Yoritomo Kitao, as the Mantis capital city, Toshi no Gotei, had been seized by Yoritomo Kumiko's supporters. [2]

Destruction Edit

In 1200 when the Third Seal broke, all Mantis Islands were attacked at once, and overrun by a Shadowlands horde. Rising waters consumed Toshi no Inazuma and dragged it beneath the sea. Haiyama's eruption raked the island. [13]

Notable Buildings Edit

External Links Edit


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