Torture in Rokugan is an accepted method of extracting information and confession from those accused of crimes.

The Accused Edit

Before he stands trial, a person accused of a crime must have made a confession to be read to the judge. If the accused does not decide to confess of his own volition, torture is the most effective way of extracting such a confession. Yoriki are well within their legal bounds to have a suspect tortured for this reason.

The Eta Edit

Torture, while a necessity of the society of the samurai, is repulsive to them because it necessarily involves contact with blood and flesh. Because of this, magistrates generally keep a number of eta deputies skilled in this grisly art. In this manner, magistrates can also ensure that their yoriki are not wrongly torturing prisoners, as the yoriki would need permission from their masters to employ the eta's services. Such requests must be brought to the magistrate by a yoriki with a sound, well thought out petition for the reasons and necessity of the use of torture on a prisoner.

Major References Edit

  • "Way of the Magistrate" Written by Scott Gearin and published in the Imperial Herald.

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