Torre'chek was the nezumi term of "Journeymen Rememberers". It was used to deacribe those members of the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe who went out of their ancestral territory and found one new tale that was truly worthy of telling. They reached Yobanjin territory, the far-away Ivory Kingdoms, the Burning Sands and even the cities of the Caliph and the Senpet. They returned to tell his history and to become considered a true Rememberer. [1]

Tattooed Tail Edit

A Nezumi who became a Torre'chek had his tail bleached pure white as a sign of his station. Once they had been adopted as a Rememberer, their tail was tattooed with red symbols from the most famous Ratling tales and legends. At any time a Rememberer or Torre'chek dishonored himself, his tail was completely removed, and his position stripped. [2]


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