Toritaka Tsimari 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1124

Toritaka Tsimari was a bushi of the Falcon Clan samurai.

Hebiki Village Edit

In 1122 a group of Naga emerged from the Shinomen Forest into Hebiki Village. The Falcon villagers believed they were under attack by the Shadowlands and fled the area. [1]

Wounded Edit

Tsimari arrived to the village and when they met the serpent-like creatures they fought what they believed were minions of Fu Leng, despite they did not bore taint. Twenty peasants were killed in the fray, and Tsimari was wounded by several arrows. The Falcon abandoned the village to the beasts and returned to Kyuden Toritaka. [2]

Incident with the Crab Edit

Tsimari attempted to get assistance from the Crab Clan and sent them a letter requesting aid from their cousins, [3] but the Crab were insulted by his description of the Naga as "escapees" from the Shadowlands. The Crab instead conquered the village and brought in their own heimin to work the fields. To reclaim the village, the Falcon bargained with Iuchi family daimyo Iuchi Daiyu to wage war against the Crab Clan. [1]

Death Edit

The fledging alliance with the Unicorn lasted the lifespan of Tsimaru, who suddenly died during a hunt at Kyuden Seppun in winter 1124. [4]


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