Toritaka Suppon

Toritaka Suppon

Toritaka Suppon was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Trademark Mask Edit

Suppon requested his Scorpion allies to craft a mask, and he told a story about an angry kappa. Since he wore the mask, he was known as the Masked Tortoise. [1] He was despised by his fellow kin, who did not understand why should bear the mask, as well as his ramblings about the spirits of tortoises. [2]

Prophecy of Darkness Edit

Suppon's uncle was tired of dealing with him and his nonsense, managing to appoint Suppon in the Yureigumi. He began advancements towards Toritaka Yukiye, which were rebuffed. In 1200 the squad moved from Kyuden Toketsu to the borders of the Shinomen Mori under the command of his cousin Toritaka Iabuchi. The squad investigated reports of Naga sightings, upon request of the Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Tomoe, who feared the return of the Dark Naga. Suppon stumbled upon the corpse of a monk, and took his last writings, bringing the Prophecy of Darkness to Shiro Toritaka. [2]

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