Toritaka Ikanko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Toritaka Kitao,
Toritaka Hiruko 
Siblings: Six un-named siblings 
Titles: Sensei of Falcon's Spirit Dojo

Toritaka Ikanko was a Crab Clan shugenja.

Sensei Edit

Ikanko served as sensei of Falcon's Spirit Dojo, which was founded by her parents, Toritaka Hiruko and Toritaka Kitao. Ikanko had six siblings. She was noteworthy for teaching equal reverence for ancestors, the kami and kenjutsu. While welcoming of visitors, she was very protective of the Toritaka's library. [1]

Imperial Scrutiny Edit

In 1160 Ikanko was visited by Fuzake Sekkou, who, on behalf of his Lord Miya Hatori, had requested copies of any information the Toritaka libraries held regarding the Shuten Doji that massacred the Falcon Clan. Sekkou was taught by Ikanko for a week, before the guardians of these records, the Council of Twilight, admitted him into the libraries of the Toritaka. [2]


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