Toritaka Genzo 
Toritaka Genzo 
Born: 1103 [1] 
Died: 1133 
Titles: Falcon Clan Champion,
Toritaka Daimyo

Genzo was a bushi of the Falcon Clan, and later the Toritaka Daimyo of the Crab Clan, Toritaka Genzo.

Youth Edit

In his youth, he trained alongside his cousin Tatsune. [2] His hatred of the Shadowlands were well-known, as was his hatred of the Scorpion. [3]

Studies Edit

Genzo 2


Genzo spent a great deal of time studying the Shadowlands and yorei. He excelled with his studies and filled journals with detailed observations with names that his masters could not question.

He was denied his request to study with the Kuni Witch Hunters by the Yotogi. He then requested works from Hiruma Megumiko instead, a well known tsukai-sagasu. Megumiko requested that her sensei Kuni Takemura teach Genzo. Takemura instructed him and then told him one day the Crab Clan would call the Falcon Clan back. The two would have to come together just as the teachings had come together in Genzo. [4] He was credited with defeating one of the Dark Moto during that time. [1]

Daimyo Edit



It was also this training that allowed Genzo to survive; he was in Crab lands investigating a haunting when the Falcon were nearly destroyed and Genzo's father perished. [1] Genzo became daimyo of the Falcon during the time when the clan was decimated by the Shuten Doji. He and Tatsune used their connections with the Crab to save their family from total destruction and, in 1125, the Falcon Clan became the Toritaka family of the Crab Clan. [2]

Clan War Edit

In 1128 Genzo fought alongside the Yoritomo's Alliance in the Battle of Sokustel Forest, just before the assault on Otosan Uchi on the Second Day of Thunder. [5]

Death Edit

Genzo was killed by an ogre during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate in 1133. It was said that Genzo's spirit protected the lands of the Toritaka, manifesting occasionally as a ephemeral falcon of pure jade. [6]

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Preceded by:
Toritaka Daimyo
1125 - 1133
Succeeded by:
Toritaka Tatsune
Preceded by:
Falcon Clan Champion
1125 - 1125
Succeeded by:

Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
There is some contention as to wether the absorption into the Crab Clan occurred in 1125 or 1129. Most sources point to 1129, but the official word from Unicorn Marketeer and Shawn Carman in the two threads linked in the This Talk Page indicates 1125


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