Torid-e is the Rokugani word for Keep.

Rokugani Keeps Edit

Bugaisha "Outsider Keep"
Foothills Keep
Heavens Crossroads
Hotaru Torid-e "Firefly Keep"
Jimichi Keep
Journey's End Keep
Kakusu Keikai Torid-e "Hidden Watch Keep"
Keep of Final Regrets "Thundering Tide Keep"
Keep of the Fortunate Husband
Kouken Keep
Kyuden Deni Kai
Lone Candle Keep
Magistrate's Keep
Mountain Watch Keep
Rengai Torid-e "Brick Keep"
Rising Sun Keep
Ruined Keep of Fu Leng
Shamate Keep
"Songbird's Cage" "Hiramichi Ancestral Home"
Southern Watch Keep
Sunrise Keep
Tansaku Torid-e
Torid-e no Wasuremono "Fortress of the Forgotten"
Toku Torid-e "The Virtuous Keep" and "Vigilant Keep of the Monkey"
Ugawari Torid-e "Ugawari Ancestral Home"
Ujina Torid-e "Shiro Meidochi"
Western Keep
Wolf Keep

Colonial Keeps Edit

Koshin Keep
Keep of the Dead

Gaijin Keeps Edit

Hidden Keep of the Assassins

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