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Top Deck Booster Pack were simplified cards included in demo booster for Top Deck Magazine.

Preceded by:
Fire & Shadow
Succeeded by:
Heroes of Rokugan

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Arrows from the Woods Action Fixed
Arrows from the Woods-card5
- Careful Planning Action Fixed
Careful Planning-card16
- Charge Action Fixed
- Contentious Terrain Action Fixed
Contentious Terrain-card8
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card9
- Diversionary Tactics Action Fixed
Diversionary Tactics-card5
- Doji Kuwanan Personality Fixed
Doji Kuwanan-card4
- Fist of the Earth Kiho Fixed
Fist of the Earth-card4
- Hida Tampako Personality Fixed
Hida Tampako-card5
- Hitomi Dajan Personality Fixed
Hitomi Dajan-card2
- Iaijutsu Duel Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Duel-card12
- Isawa Sze Personality Fixed
Isawa Sze-card2
- Matsu Ketsui Personality Fixed
Matsu Ketsui-card3
- Otaku Kamoko Personality Fixed
Otaku Kamoko-card8
- Outflank Action Fixed
- Shosuro Yudoka Personality Fixed
Shosuro Yudoka-card2
- Strength of My Ancestors Kiho Fixed
Strength of My Ancestors-card4
- Strength of Purity Action Fixed
Strength of Purity-card9
- The Wrath of Osano-Wo Kiho Fixed
The Wrath of Osano-Wo-card4
- Wounded in Battle Action Fixed
Wounded in Battle-card5

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