Tonbo Sodan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Dragonfly Clan Champion

Tonbo Sodan was the son of the Dragonfly Clan Champion and his heir. He was a pleasant-faced man with an easy smile who amused his guests with anecdotes about his Dragon cousins, and entertained them with a group of sleight-of-hand magicians. [1]

Unicorn incident Edit

A Unicorn caravan in route to the shugenja Setsuban Festival Tournament at Ki-Rin's Shrine took a rest at Kyuden Tonbo. The award of the contest, an important scroll cache, was broke open when its keeper Iuchi Taiga was sleeping and after he noticed it began to blame Sodan. Sodan dispatched another unit of guards to see the caravan safely out of Dragonfly lands. [2]


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