The Tonbo Shugenja school was founded in the 8th century, during the dawn of the Dragonfly Clan.

Location Edit

The school was located at Kyuden Tonbo, and comprised of five buildings where shugenja were trained in the ways of magic and in the study of enlightenment. [1]

Founder Edit

Isawa Maroko was married to Mirumoto Asijin, and the Emperor awarded the couple a family name, Tonbo, and Minor Clan status. [2]

Maroko saw that the birth of the Dragonfly Clan had created a change in the Empire, and Maroko believed change was a key component of enlightenment. So the Tonbo Shugenja School therefore came to focus its study on magic that caused change. [3]

Tradition Edit

The Tonbo Shugenja focused on the Element of Water, the element of transformation, adaptation, and mutability, and also in the Element of Air, the element of travel. The Tonbo believed that they contained the true secrets to enlightenment. [4] The Tonbo shugenja were known for their talent in divination and diplomacy, [5] and the school had devoted more of its resources to the study and mastery of divination. [6]

Known Techniques Edit

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