Tonbo Kuyuden 
Born: 694 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Mirumoto Asijin,
Isawa Maroko 
Titles: Dragonfly Clan Champion

Tonbo Kuyuden was the Dragonfly Clan Champion.

Early Years Edit

Kuyuden was the son of Mirumoto Asijin and Isawa Maroko. He was sent to the Shiba Bushi school, and after returning home his father taught him the Mirumoto fighting techniques. [1]

Dragonfly Clan Champion Edit

In 711 Akodo Yokutsu, the man originally betrothed to Kuyuden's mother, led an army against the Dragon Clan after a percieved insult from an Agasha diplomat. Yokutsu demanded the right to duel Asijin, and killed Kuyuden's father. The arrogant Yokutsu declared himself the Champion of the Dragonfly Clan and his intentions to marry Maroko. Kuyuden challenged Yokutsu to a duel, and killed him, reclaiming the Dragonfly. [2] [3] Kuyuden became daimyo of a Minor Clan at the age of only seventeen. [4]

Clan's Duty Edit

Kuyuden learned the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Ayoko had bargained the Dragon's eternal protection of the Dragonfly, but at the cost of his father's sacrifice. Maroko suggested to turn their thoughts to more productive matters, because she bore no hatred for the Dragon. Kuyuden turned his opinion and set the clan to the task of studying the path to enlightenment. [5]

Family Sword and Bushi Edit

After he slew Akodo Yakutsu, Tonbo Kuyuden was awarded a family sword by the Emperor. Kuyuden put the fine katana in Kyuden Tonbo, never to wield it; no Dragonfly daimyo ever had. [6] Kuyuden also disbanded the bushi school, to symbolically end the bloodshed that plagued the clan's birth. [7]

Dragon Emissaries Edit

In 712 Kyuden Tonbo began to receive visitors. The Mirumoto soon asked the Dragonfly to become their official emissaries, and Kuyuden accepted. They knew when the Mirumoto were ready to accept visitors, and when the Dragon Clan was not ready, Kuyuden would entertain these guests in his home until they could travel on. [8]

Preceded by:
Mirumoto Asijin
Dragonfly Clan Champion
711 - ?
Succeeded by:


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