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Tonbo Karasu was an elderly magistrate of the Dragonfly Clan.

Clan War Edit

Karasu was a part of Yoritomo's Alliance during the Clan War. [1]

"For my part, I saw many friends die in the Clan War under the banner of the Alliance. I would not wish for that again."

Minor Clan Alliance Edit

Karasu was the Dragonfly representative to a meeting between minor clan ambassadors in 1165, held in the Smiling Tortoise sake house in the Imperial City Toshi Ranbo. The meeting was attended by representatives from all the minor clans, most notably Kasuga Taigen and Toturi Miyako. Their discussions ranged from how they could earn minor clans more respect and influence in the courts to the threats posed by the Lion and Unicorn to Kaeru Toshi and the greater threat of Iuchiban. [1]

Sometime later, Karasu met with the Fox Clan ambassador, Kitsune Kainko, who was surprised that Karasu had not yet gone into retirement when he left Kyuden Kitsune. Karasu had been selected by Dragonfly Clan Champion Tonbo Dayu because there was no one else as experienced. Karasu also voiced his concern over the direction Taigen was leading the Minor Clan Alliance. Karasu felt that it would be better if they focused on the intentions of the Shogun Kaneka rather than involve themselves in the War of the Rich Frog. Kainko was not as distrustful of Taigen's true motives, but still understood the need for prudence. [1]


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