Tonbo Euiko 
Born: 1131 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Sensei of the Still Water Temple

Tonbo Euiko was the celebrated sensei of the Still Water Temple the main Dojo of the Dragonfly Clan. One of the foremost practitioners of divination magic in the Empire, it was thanks to her actions that the Minor Clan was able to survive the devastating blow it was dealt in 1158, when the armies of the Lion Clan burned Kyuden Tonbo, and massacred its inhabitants. [1]

Early Years Edit

Born in 1131, one of the most tense years in Clan history - the year in which the Naga passed through Dragonfly lands on their way to lay siege on the Dragon, and the Agasha family defected to the Phoenix, creating a rift between the Minor Clan's two close allies and kin, a rift that will eventually lead to the greatest disaster in Dragonfly history - Euiko showed great talent for prophecy and divination. Her talent was quickly recognized by the Dragonfly, and she was assigned the finest sensei the Clan had to offer.

Just five years after her gempukku she was appointed lesser sensei within the Still Water Temple, an unprecedented achievement.

She discovered that she loved to teach almost as much as she loved to learn, and with great passion she had begun to research new ways through which knowledge of the future could be gleaned. It was through those researches that she discovered the disaster that was about to occur to her Clan. [1]

Awaiting Disaster Edit

Faced with a possibility of imminent Lion invasion, Euiko rushed to her sensei and Daimyo, who quickly concocted a plan to minimize its consequences. The Daimyo of the Dragonfly began sending samurai off on errands throughout the Empire, often of little or no importance whatsoever. Soon, half the number of Dragonfly Samurai were away from their homeland, and spared the assault of the Lion Clan when it finally came. Euiko was one of those sent away. Her Daimyo and sensei were not. [1]

The Aftermath of Massacre Edit

With escalating hostilities between Dragon and Phoenix, later replaced by the conflicts between the Four Winds, and the Lion keeping watch over their Northern borders, many Dragonfly found it difficult to return to their shattered home. Only when Toturi Sezaru made his home in Kyuden Tonbo, and took the Dragonfly under his patronage, did the exiles began to return en-masse to their lands. [2]

Sensei Edit

Euiko was appointed chief sensei of the newly restored Still Water Temple, and her reputation spread throughout the Shugenja families of the Great Clans. [1]

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