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Tonbo Dayu 
Born: War of Spirits 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Tonbo Manaka 
Titles: Dragonfly Clan Champion

Tonbo Dayu was the son of the Dragonfly Clan Champion Tonbo Manaka, and became the Dragonfly Clan Champion following the death of his father.

Early Years Edit

Dayu was born while the War of Spirits raged on. He joined the shugenja school, and he was talented in Water magic and healing. [1]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

At the beginning of the Dragon-Phoenix War Dayu was allowed to join the Dragon armies. He left for Dragon lands for training and was soon on the front lines of the conflict. [1] Although there was also an indication that Dayu participated successfully in the Dragon Clan campaign against the Phoenix Clan, the details of his actions were not known. [2]

Prophecy Edit

Dayu was near the Phoenix border when he knew he had lost his entire family in the Death of Kyuden Tonbo. [1] Dayu's father, the Dragonfly Clan Champion Tonbo Manaka, had been informed of a prophecy told by Tonbo Euiko, which regarded a future disaster for the Dragonfly Clan. The daimyo then arranged for many of the Dragonfly to go on errands elsewhere in the Empire, so that when Kyuden Tonbo was attacked and almost completely destroyed, half of its inhabitants were away. Dayu returned to aid in the rebuilding of the home of the Dragonfly. [3] [4]

Dragonfly Clan Champion Edit

Alliance of Minor Clans Edit

Dayu appointed Tonbo Karasu as the representative of his Clan in the Alliance of Minor Clans in 1165. [5]

Spider Web Edit

In 1170 the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu met Dayu and told Kitsuki Investigators managed to discover the travel papers that allowed the entrance of the assassins who killed Tamori Shaitung and Tamori Nakamuro during the Night of the Assassins were issued in Kyuden Tonbo. They questioned Tonbo Rintaro, who was in charge of issuing travel papers for those wishing to enter the Dragon Clan lands. When confronted, Rintaro put the blame on his followers Tonbo Yaichiro and Tonbo Norogumi who were executed. The tracks whohad ordered them led to the Scorpion Clan. [6]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Tonbo Manaka
Dragonfly Clan Champion
1158 - ?
Succeeded by:


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