Tomorrow's Hourglass 
Tomorrow's Hourglass
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Mak'irtch
Currently in the possession of: Destroyed

The Crystal Hourglass of Laramun [1] was a nemuranai specially designed for the nezumi. [2]

Appearance Edit

Tomorrow's Hourglass was a simple looking object, although of extremely good quality, pristine in its appearance. It was shaped from a single piece of glass, forming two wide bulbs linked together by a fine tube. Tomorrow's Hourglass was filled with pure white sand which slowly dripped from one side to the other. A simple frame of black wood, composed of two round plates held together by three simple pillars, held the hourglass in place. Thick rings of gold decorated the ends of these columns. [2]

History Edit

Day of Wrath Edit

Crystal Hourglass

Crystal Hourglass

When Shilah, Lady Sun, edicted the Day of Wrath those who thrived from magic and lived were forced out of Shilah's sight. Residual magic left over in the Burning Sands was collected and used in several artifacts of great power. Among them were the Crystal Hourglass of Laramun. [1] It was said the hourglass counted to the next Day of Wrath. [3]

Found Edit

In 1168 Oh'krch retrieved the hourglass from the Tomb of the Seven Thunders during the Battle of the Tomb. He brought the hourglass back to a nearby warren where it was presented to the Chief of Chiefs Kan'ok'ticheck and the shaman Atch-zin. The two nezumi examined the hourglass, which caused a tingling sensation when touched. Atch-zin conluded that it was Tomorrow, and the hourglass was therefore called Tomorrow's Hourglass. Kan'ok'ticheck and Atch-zin both had a disturbing experience with the hourglass but would not tell what it was. [4]

Chasing Tomorrow Edit

In 1169 the Magic of the Hourglass was used by the shaman Mak'irtch to allow almost the entire Nezumi race enter the realm of dreams and aid the Transcendents fight against Tomorrow. While they were successful in beating Tomorrow they were unable to return to their bodies, leaving no more than fifty Nezumi left alive in the world. [5] The hourglass itself was believed to have been destroyed at the conclusion of their battle with Tomorrow. [2]

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