Tomb of the Seven Thunders

The Tomb of the Seven Thunders

The Tomb of the Seven Thunders was a mausoleum hidden deep within the Shadowlands. [1]

Legends Edit

Some said that it marked the site where the Seven Thunders prepared for their battle with Fu Leng in the first Day of Thunder. Others believed Shinsei created it after the battle was concluded. Still others thought that Hida created it after facing his son Hida Atarasi in combat, just moments before his own death. [1] [2]

Hidden Edit

Legends said Hida had interred the last belongings of all Seven Thunders within. Because it was built where Hida had died, it was pure, and hidden from the eyes of those who would destroy it. [3] The Chuda believed it might somehow be concealed from the eyes of those Tainted, as a result of something Shinsei might have done. [1]

Battle of the Tomb Edit

Containing many artifacts of antiquity dating back to the Dawn of the Empire, it was the site of a major battle in 1168 as the forces of the Empire and the armies of the Lost attempted to save Toturi III from a horde of oni that was attacking the tomb. [4]

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