Monkey magistrate

A Toku Magistrate

The Toku family was the leading family of the Monkey Clan. They were named for Toku, the farmer turned ronin follower of Toturi the Black turned Captain of the Imperial Guard made Fortune of Virtue in death. [1]

History Edit

The Toku family had a very short history, relatively speaking. While the Monkey Clan was founded in 1129, it was not granted a family name (although the clan did have the Fuzake family, but only because Fuzake Garou swore fealty to Toku). For thirty six years, this remained the case until the Toku name was granted to the Monkey following the death of Toku. [2]

The Toku Name Edit

Until recently, several members of the Monkey Clan had taken the Toturi family name. Following the death of Toku in 1165 and the awarding of a family name to the Monkey, these members took Toku's name. [3]

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