Toku Kiyuko 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Toku,
Toku Inao 
Siblings: Toturi Miyako,
Toturi Kyoji,
Toku Koto 
Titles: Governor of Kudo

Toku Kiyuko was the youngest child of Toku and Toku Inao. She had two brothers Toku Kyoji and Toku Koto and one sister named Toturi Miyako. Kiyuko demonstrated a startling insight from very young. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Kiyuko was a honest and honorable samurai-ko, who bore a certain resemblance to her great aunt, the legendary Bayushi Kachiko. [2]

Early Years Edit

Kiyuko followed her mother's footsteps, a shrewd courtier, and from a young age she excelled in all the womanly arts, easily wrapping the other samurai children around her. Her aprents decided to send her to the Bayushi Courtier school, where she learned how to subtly control and manipulate the people around her. [3]

Toku's Funeral Edit

In 1166 the Emperor Toturi III opened to the public the Toku's Shrine, and named Toku the Fortune of Virtue. Toku had died several months before, in 1165. The Emperor the night before had blessed the shrine with his own wedding there. [4]

Governor of Kudo Mura Edit

Following Winter Court in 1168, Kiyuko was installed as the Governor of the newly founded village of Kudo Mura [5] through the workings of her mother, Toku Inao. After her retirement, Inao also joined her daughter in the village as an advisor to help her daughter through the next few years of diplomacy and intrigues that Kudo was sure to see. Kasuga Taigen, the Voice of the Alliance, was not especially happy with Kiyuko's appointment as governor. [6]

Lion Occupation Edit

In 1170 the Lion Clan occupied Kudo Mura claiming they had to keep the peace between the Minor Clans, and Kiyuko accepted the occupation with patience, using the Lion funds to make the city grow. Another issue was Taigen, who expected to marry her with a Tortoise. [7]

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