Please note: This article is about the contender of the Topaz Championship in 1170. For other uses of the term, please see Kenichi (disambiguation).

Toku Kenichi was a Monkey Clan bushi who attended the Topaz Championship in 1170. He was paired with Shinjo Ichiro during the hunting portion of the competition, but feared that his lack of skills in that particular area would hinder Ichiro's chances of winning the contest. Ichiro and Kenichi heard a shout from a fellow contestant, Hiruma Tensin, but by the time they got to his location the Crab was gone. At the scene they found another fellow conestant, Kitsune Kazue, dead and three dead ambushers. Following the trail to the ambushers lair where Tensin was being held. Kenichi and Ichiro attacked and killed all the attackers including their leader Morisue, a maho-tsukai. Tensin was rescued and offered to conceede the championship to Ichiro. Ichiro refused to allow that, but ended up winning it anyway. [1]

"I suppose if we found a tall enough tree you could shout at the gods to take their blessings back. I am quite sure they would understand."


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