Toku Bushi

A Toku Bushi

Once known as the Monkey Bushi School, the Toku Bushi School was recently renamed in honor of the Monkey Clan's heroic founder. [1]

Training Edit

One of the youngest bushi schools in the empire, the Toku Bushi school was cobbled together from the fighting styles practiced by Toku and the various ronin who joined him in the founding of the Monkey Clan. [1] His students had learned them well. [2]

Known Techniques Edit

Duty Edit

Like the Tortoise, the Monkey enjoyed the favor of the Emperor himself. Unlike the Tortoise, who served the Emperor by performing duties that were beneath other samurai, the Monkey were guardians of justice. Though the school was small and only in its second generation, already many great magistrates and legionnaireshadrisenfrom its ranks. The fact that Monkey School boasted such powerful Techniques despite its relative youth was almost unprecedented, but it was no accident. As one of the greatest heroes of the Clan War, the War Against Shadow, and the War of Spirits, Toku attracted many of the finest ronin warriors in the empire to the Monkey Clan banner. These heroes shared the Techniques their own families had practiced in secret for generations. Other allies of the Monkey, such as the legendary ronin Ginawa and the mysterious warrior Daini, also frequently visited the dojo during its early years and added their own counsel. [1]

Tradition Edit

The primary virtue of a Monkey bushi was his indomitable will. A Monkey did not falter or retreat even in the face of overwhelming odds, unless it would bring harm or dishonor to others to do otherwise. They displayed extraordinary skill and tenacity even against more powerful opponents and much like their Hare cousins, they seemed to flourish when outnumbered. In the tradition of their founder, a Monkey would not allow himself the luxury of fatigue or death until his goals had been accomplished. Bandits who had crossed paths with Monkey magistrates and survived report that it was best to deal with these indefatigable warriors from a distance - or better yet, simply to flee when they arrived. [3]

Notable Sensei Edit

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