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Born: Unknown 
Died: 1128

Tokiuji was a peasant and an ashigaru.

Otosan Uchi Edit

Tojiuki worked as a sosha in the Karada district of Otosan Uchi. He earned a reputation as a remarkable agitator of the masses. His bitter criticism of the division of labor within the Empire had intensified, spurring conflicts between heimin and their samurai masters. [1]

Increasing Tensions Edit

Tokiuji had public disputes with Kaiu Eto, the honorable shinpu of Shinden Yaruki Jukko at Otosan Uchi, about the disgraceful treatment of the peasant castes would continue to cause friction between the samurai and the bonge. [2] In 1122 during the Shouting Day festival Tokiuji had formed large peasant mobs leading the heimin to the gates of the temple, where he goaded Kaiu Eto and his monks until the engineer nearly exploded in rage. [3]

Manipulated Edit

Before Tokiuji became an instigator she had begun a romance with a noblewoman named Ikoma Shoniko, who planted seeds of dissension among the masses in his mind. Shoniko was the persona of Bayushi Sozui, [4] a Shosuro-trained Bayushi, had manipulated Tokiuji to create instability between social castes, so she could instill confusion and terror within the Imperial Court. [5]

Death Edit

Tokiuji fought alongside Toturi's Army and died on the assault on Otosan Uchi in the Second Day of Thunder. [6]

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