Tokigogachu (M4)

The small Mantis village of Tokigogachu (M4) in the Tokigogachu province [1] overlooked the Bay of Dark Water. [2]

Fish and Festivals Edit

It was famous for two things, fish and festivals. When the boats weren't sailing and there were no holidays to celebrate it was an ordinary fishing farm, but when a festival was due the village came to life with fireworks, parades and magnificent parties worthy of the Emperor himself. [3] It was said both Hantei XXXVII and Hantei XXXVIII visited here on New Year's Day Celebration, but always in disguise, as he wouldn't be seen in such a humble village. [4] The same happened with Toturi I and his son Toturi Sezaru after Toturi died. [2]

History Edit

Temple of Jade Sun Edit

In 1170 the Temple of Jade Sun was built in honor of the new Jade Sun. [5]

Rise of JigokuEdit

In 1200 the Mantis Islands were overrun by a Shadowlands horde. Many Mantis were evacuated, included a handful of samurai from Tokigogachu who fled the relentless slaughter falling into the Thunder Dragon Bay and awaking on the shore of Chrysanthemum Petal Lake. [6]


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