Tokagure family 
Patron family: Shosuro family 
Clan: Scorpion Clan 
Founded: Unknown 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Tokagure family was a vassal family of the Shosuro. [1]

Duty Edit

The Tokagure were created to tend the Shosuro Gardens, so the rest of the Shosuro family could focus to their other duties. They possessed no family lands and rarely attended any established school, instead passing down their knowledge from one generation to another. [2]

Peasant Origins Edit

Shosuro Tokagure was the first lord of the Tokagure family, who was aided by Tokagure Yoshi to gather the peasants that handled the gardens and elevated them to samurai status in secret. The Tokagure were atypical Scorpion who favored wry humor and were not naturally deceptive. [2]

Notable Members Edit

See Samurai of the Tokagure for a complete listing of all members of the Tokagure family.

Tokagure daimyo Edit

Shosuro Tokagure  ? - ?

See also Edit


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