Akodo Tohaku was a magistrate of the Lion Clan who was framed and left his clan. As the ronin Tohaku he joined the Toturi's Army and was a loyal follower of Black Toturi.

Lion Clan Edit

As a magistrate eventually he found himself in the service of Kitsu Motso. A samurai-ko named Matsu Yuyiko became smitten with Motso, though Motso was indifferent to the woman. She turned her attention to Tohaku in an attempt to make Motso jealous. Tohaku rebuffed her, and she felt insulted. Motso didn't seem to care. Tohaku was framed for the theft of certain items from his lord's home by Yuyiko and Motso's advisor. He was cast out as a traitor. Tohaku wanted Motso's head for his arrogance and stupidity. [1]

Ronin Edit

Tohaku had been trained in the Mirumoto Bushi school in the Dragon lands. His friend Togashi Mitsu came to Tohaku and told him to replace anger with enlightenment. Mitsu took Tohaku to Togashi Mountain to learn the Niten technique. The teachings did not help him and Mitsu had to seal Tohaku in a cave until he calmed down. Tohaku knew revenge was not the answer, but he not sure if he can really find enlightenment. Nevertheless, he was going to try. [2]

Akodo family is Disbanded Edit

In 1123 Tohaku was outraged about how the other families of the Lion reacted to the Imperial Edict that disbanded the Akodo family. He specially considered the Matsu family little more than treacherous zealots with no honor. In the City of the Rich Frog Tohaku waited the moment the former Lion Clan Champion, currently the ronin Toturi the Black, would summon him to his side. [3] His childhood friend Akodo Saigorei also became a ronin. [4]

Toturi's Army Edit

Tohaku 1


Eventually Tohaku joined the Toturi's Army. [5]

Maddness of the Emperor Edit

In the Assault on Otosan Uchi Tohaku fought against the Great Clan armies defending the maddened Emperor Toturi I. [6]

Race to Volturnum Edit

In 1133 the Toturi's Army were ready to march toward Volturnum with the rest of the Empire forces to stop the slughtering of the souls of the dead by the minions of the Lying Darkness. An oni army was blocking the straight way to the troll city [7] as a part of the alliance Kuni Yori had reached with the Shadow. [8]

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