The Temple of Doors was created by the Tsuno hundreds of years before Volturnum, Oblivion's Gate, or any of the other ancient races' extant relics. [1]

Location Edit

Toguchi Shinden appeared in the Shadowlands when the Tsuno allied themselves with Daigotsu. It was a massive temple which the acreage of a small city, beared all the marks of great age. It was supposed the temple had existed for centuries deep in the Spirit Realms, as the dojo of the Tsuno Soultwisters. At Ningen-do it was situated within a mountanious region of the Shadowlands a short distance north of Black Finger River and only day's travel from the City of the Lost. [2] It had sections that bleeded into Jigoku and Toshigoku to move between these Spirit Realms with ease. [1]

Healing Place Edit

While within Toguchi Shinden, the Soultwisters could locate the soul of a dead Tsuno, and so long as the original body remained, the Soultwister could recall the spirit and restore the dead. It was for this reason that Tsuno always made an effort to carry their dead from the field of battle. [3]

Tradition Edit

The traditions of the Tsuno Soultwisters were cruel and inhuman as punishing physical tests, exhausting rituals, ritual scarification and combat rites, which often result in student casualties. Soultwisters must journey to each realm and defeat a native creature in combat. [2]

Training Edit

Students must master the basic of combat along with their proper rituals and theories. They were often pitted against one another. [4] After they were deemed fit for combat by the Supreme Soultwister, the students were sent to the secretive Tsukuroi Shinden, where they would learn how to heal and bring back to life those Tsuno who had fallen in battle. [5]

Traveling between Realms Edit

Daigotsu visited Toshigoku to meet Tsuno Nintai, and convinced him to return to Ningen-do. Nintai prepared his race, and learend to harness how to travel between the Spirit Realms. He founded his own school at Toguchi Shinden to instruct others. [6]

Sensei Edit

The Soultwisters senseis were ancient, wizened Tsuno who appeared much smaller and phisically weaker than their fellow creatures. This was deceptive as these individuals were incredibly powerful. [7]

Known Sensei Edit

Tsuno Students Edit


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