Togashi Yamatsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 750

Togashi Yamatsu was an Ise Zumi of the dragon Clan.

Iuchiban Edit

In 750, [1] at Kyuden Togashi Iuchiban attempted to possess the body of Yamatsu, but Yamatsu's magical tattoos protected him from Iuchiban's body-stealing magic who fled. Yamatsu raised the alarm with every Great Clan and sent word to the Emperor himself that Iuchiban's spirit had been freed from the Tomb. [2]

Deefating Iuchiban Edit

The alert eventually led to the Battle of Sleeping River. [3] During the battle Yamatsu used a new tattoo, an image of an inro, a small box worn on the obi. This tattoo held the spirit of Iuchiban [4] until he could be imprisoned in the tomb once more. [5] [2]

Death Edit

Yamatsu entered the Tomb of Iuchiban, sacrificing himself, and the shugenja of the Empire worked a great ritual to bind the Bloodspeaker's soul into the very stone of his prison. [6]

See also Edit


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