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Togashi Yama 
Togashi Yama 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Togashi Yama was previously an earth shugenja of the Agasha family. He joined the Togashi family at a young age, but did not get his tattoo straight away, and began to doubt his choice of changing families. The exploits of Togashi Mitsu made Yama doubt his ability to be a proper ise zumi. [1]

Appearance Edit

Yama was a man who, already at the age of twenty, had furrows on his brow from hours of contemplation. He has a shaved head, as is common amongst the ise zumi, and kept that way to remind him that he still had to chose to remain with the Togashi or not. He moves slowly, as if taking time to think before acting, and speaks in a low voice. He always shows respect for his elders, whom he held in an almost religious awe. He woould dress in the green and gold colors of the Dragon Clan, but added a cape as a distinctive personal touch. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Yama was a quitely intense man. When not working on some construction project he could be found in the caves beneath Kyuden Togashi contemplating the powers of the earth. It was rumored he could spend hours contemplating the contours and shapes on the surface of stalactites. [1]

Sculptor Edit

Yama would frequently sculpt small statues using his skills as a earth shugenja, and give them to visiting dignitaries or favored friends. [1]

Duties Edit

Togashi Yama 2

Togashi Yama

Despite his indicisiveness, due to his ability with the earth kami he was charged with maintaining the structure of Kyuden Togashi. Although the remote castle was unlikely to be the target of any attack the Togashi family were very confident that any attack would be repelled thanks in no small part to Yama's efforts. Yama would secretly hope that some attack would come, so he could see if his handiwork was as good as people told him. [3]

Corruption of the Masters Edit

In 1127 during the Clan War Yama spent several months in the lands of the Phoenix. He discovered the corruption of the Elemental Masters during a series of heated conversations with Master of Fire Isawa Tsuke. Yama realized the Masters at least had opened one of the Black Scrolls. [4]

Death Edit

Yama was among the Togashi that were killed sometime after 1129 by Hitomi Kokujin and the other Hitomi monks. [5]

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