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Togashi Taro 
Togashi Taro 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Togashi Miyoko

Hitomi Taro was a tattooed monk of the Dragon Clan. He became Togashi Taro when the tattooed orders were united in the Togashi. [1]

Family Edit

He was the older brother of Togashi Miyoko. [1]

Tattoos Edit

Taro bore the Tiger and Dragon tattoo. [1]

Doctrine of Confrontation Edit

Taro had the capacity to breath fire and to swallow anything without feeling intoxicated. He was a follower of the Doctrine of Confrontation. [1]

Seeking Enlightenement Edit

After the War of Dark Fire the Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Kei ordered the Togashi to wander to the Empire and teach the Tao. Taro and his friend Togashi Gato followed Kei's command. Taro in combat would find the state of connected separation needed to become one with the Universe, in his way to Enlightenment. He reached Last Ridge Village and taught the locals, and several of them laid unconscious after Taro's lessons. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

When in 1171 the Army of Fire returned to the Dragon lands during the open phase of the Destroyer War, Taro was sought by Miyoko, Shiba Nobuyuki, Isawa Nakajima, Mirumoto Kenzo, and Hozumi. He was convinced to fight the yobanjin who were arriving to the village. The group was dismissed by Taro who alone dealt with the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire and saved the city. [1]

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