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Togashi Shiori

Togashi Shiori

Hitomi Shiori was a Void tattooed monk of the Dragon Clan, who became Togashi Shiori after the three orders became one.

Joining the Three orders Edit

Hitomi Shiori

Hitomi Shiori

During the War of Silk and Steel the Hoshi grew more distant, more dispassionate, [1] and the Hitomi were growing more unstable. [2] Shiori joined the Togashi family, becoming Togashi Shiori, following the absorption of the Hitomi and Hoshi families into the Togashi [3] ordered by the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu to restore the balance. [4] The rage and hate she bore when she was a Hitomi never disappeared completely after she became a Togashi. [5]

Teaching the Tao Edit

In 1171 Togashi Shiori was sent to the Scorpion lands to teach the Tao, and Kiri was one of her most promising students with capacity for independent thought. Shiori was visited by Bayushi Gisuke, who had heard Togashi Shintaro was teaching the Tao to a child who had still not been born. [6]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 the peasantry believed the insidious idea that the Togashi were working together with the Yobanjin Army of Fire. The Scorpion Shadow Blades accompanied the Mirumoto Elite Guard to quell the conspiracy leaders. Shiori alongside Kitsuki Investigators and the Scorpion exposed that former agents of the Shadowed Tower, destroyed by the Scorpion several years ago, had instilled this theory in retribution, and they targeted the clan's closest allies, the Dragon. [7]

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