Togashi Shintaro

Togashi Shintaro

Togashi Shintaro was a tattooed monk of the Dragon Clan.

Tattoos Edit

Shintaro bore the Lion tattoo, Sakura tattoo, Tiger tattoo, and the Dragon tattoo. [1]

Teaching the Tao Edit

When in 1171 the Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Kei commanded the Togashi to spread over the Empire to teach the Tao, Shintaro was sent to Crab lands. There his students were very stubborn to learn about the teachings of Shinsei. [2]

Bandits Edit

This year Shintaro tracked and located a large force of bandits in the unaligned lands between the Crane and Scorpion holdings. There, an allied force of Crane and Dragon, led by Daidoji Kikaze and the Imperial Legionnair Mirumoto Ishino, trapped and destroyed them. Kikaze ordered the remains burned to ensure that there could be no reanimation from the plague suffered in the Empire. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 an opened portal to Sakkaku was dealt by the Lioness Legion, Daidoji Iron Warriors, and Mirumoto Elite Guard. The portal was open long enough for a powerful spirit to become its guardian. Rintaro told the portal guardian a riddle of some sort the spirit could not answer, weaking it greatly. Daidoji Yuki shot the thing in the eye and killed it, which caused the portal to collapse. [4]

Kyuden Tonbo Edit

While Shintaro was aiding a Dragonfly farmer driving his fire magic the monk was struck with an arrow fired by Lion scouts. It led to the Second Battle of Kyuden Tonbo. The Lion had believed Shintaro was a yobanjin of the Army of Fire attacking the farmer. [5]

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