Togashi Sakata

Togashi Sakata

Togashi Sakata was a Fire tattooed monk and Drunken Master of the Dragon Clan.

Drunken Master Edit

Sakata enjoyed sake, long before he had joined the Order of Togashi. He even had a large, custom-made clay sake bottle. The drawbacks were easily overcame by his natural gifts and mystical tattoos. He lessened his addiction saying the sake was his path for enlightenment. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War he was inebriated when visited by Kakita Kensho-in, the bearer of the Hand of the Obsidian Dragon. She praised his ability to overcome his weakness for drink, wondering if he was capable of more. After the meeting Sakata was shocked, and decided to know his true limits. [1]

Ashalan sighted Edit

Sakata arrived to the battle at the Fortress of Blackened Sight, and activating the Hummingbird tattoo began to kill the Destroyers. For first time was seen in the war an Ashalan, the commander of the Destroyers there. The immortal from the Burning Sands confronted Sakata, but Sakata activated his Dragon tattoo and used his secret Drunken Master technique, drinking an enormous drought of sake, and immediately belched forth a massive gout of fire which hit and burned the Ashalan. Sakata fled using the power of the Hummingbird. [1]

Colonies Edit

In 1198, during his explorations in the Colonies, Sakata found a herd of docile beastmen Destroyers. They lacked the overwhelming bestial rage they had during the war, and reminded Sakata of his friend Hida Sozen, who after the war had at long last slaked his lust for battle. [2] Sakata named the place Sozen's Legacy, [3] and Sakata also found there the Bestial Ones, creatures who followed the herds of elephant men. [4]

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