Togashi Orikan was the guise of the Kami Togashi during the reign of Hantei XVI. In the year 595 began to recall all of the Dragon Clan samurai to the Dragon lands, leaving only a token group of Mirumoto residing in the Chokai province south of the Dragon Mountains over the next five years. Togashi recognized the Steel Chrysanthemum's madness was not something which he could prevent without even worse consequences, and opted to protect his clan until such time as the Empire became safe once again. [1]

“A storm is coming, my cousins. Come home and take shelter until it passes.”
-A letter from Togashi Orikan [2]

Chokai province Edit

Despite his efforts Togashi did not avoid Chokai province to be attacked by Seppun forces in 610, slaughtering all samurai but two Mirumoto. [3]

Preceded by:
Dragon Clan Champion
(c. 595)
Succeeded by:


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