Togashi Okkio

Togashi Okkio

Moto Okkio had been a renowned swordsman admired for his woodcraft and survival skills. It was hoped that he would become a great ise zumi, and when he took his new name becoming Togashi Okkio he recieved an entirely unique tattoo; the Lizard tattoo. [1]

Tattoo Edit

The tattoo appeared as if the lizard's paws were wrapped around Okkio's chest, almost as if holding him. The head of the lizard rose up against his cheek, as if whispering to Okkio. [1]

Madness Edit

One day during training, Okkio burst out claiming the Void was the answer to everything. He attacked his teacher and had to be restrained by his fellow students. Okkio was imprisoned, but he escaped shortly after and he was declared a renegade. [1] The monk assigned to guard him, Togashi Nodogu, was found dead, skinned and drained of blood. [2] It was not certain if it was Togashi's blood mixed with his Unicorn heritage that drove him mad. [3]

Elusive Edit

Many monks had been sent to capture Okkio. All that were sent found no trace of him, and most never returned at all. [1] He permitted one of his prey, Yogo Resai, to survive. Okkio had kidnapped him believing he was another tattooed monk, and after he realized his error maintained him tied. Somehow Resai managed to escape and Okkio left the hideout he was actually using. Resai was an Emerald Magistrate who chased Okkio afterwards. [4]

Stealing Powers Edit

Okkio's tattoo allowed him to steal the powers of other ise zumi by drinking his victims’ blood and  wearing their skins. [2] By skinning the ise zumi he could wear their skin, granting him the power of the tattoos on the skin. He was limited to wearing one ise zumi's skin at a time. Okkio was known to have killed at least three ise zumi, and could therefore use the following tattoos; [5] [2]

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