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Togashi Nyoko

Togashi Nyoko

Togashi Nyoko was a Master Smith, [1] shugenja, and bushi of the Dragon Clan.

Smither Edit

Nyoko was born ten years after the death of Kaiu, but was an avid student of his teachings. The shugenja Nyoko was apprentice to Togashi Furukusai, Togashi's successor as Dragon Clan Champion, and was the first to experiment using magic and swordsmithing. Nyoko's skills in swordmaking produced among other things the Five Swords of Legend. [2]

Hida Raiden Edit

During the reign of Hantei XVI [3] Nyoko used one of these swords, Honorable, to kill Hida Raiden in a duel, after he had insulted her in court. [2] Raiden had mocked her for trying to be a shugenja, a samurai, and swordsmith all at once. [4] The duel happened in neutral ground, a bridge at Ryoko Owari Toshi. Deadly wounded Raiden cried no one alive could be so fast, and Nyoko told the sentence that would name the place of the duel as Moment's Edge Bridge. [3]

"I am alive and dead; dead to the past and dead to the future, because I live at the moment's edge."
- Togashi Nyoko [3]

Fox Clan Sword Edit

Nyoko was also tasked with reforging the Ancestral Sword of the Fox Clan, inserting the Black Scroll, the Walking Horror of Fu Leng. [5]

Hunger Edit

The last of the Five Swords of Legend forged by Nyoko was the blade Hunger, initially a source of pride for Nyoko. After it became apparent to Nyoko that the blade was poorly balanced; causing it's users to become reckless and bloodthirsty, Nyoko petitioned the Mirumoto Daimyo to have it locked away. It was only after the deaths of Mirumoto Osuki and Mirumoto Jijondun that the Mirumoto finally agreed to Nyoko's request. [6]

Last Blade Edit

The last blade Nyoko made was the Mirumoto Wakizashi, forged from a dark jewel and a strange red ore, although it's name was unknown. [7]

Legacy Edit

After her death the Agasha family, who had paid particular notice to her work, took up where she left off. They created the Agasha Foundries and began the use of combining an analytical mind with magic. [2]

Mirumoto Rosanjin Edit

Mirumoto Rosanjin wielded one of the blades made by Nyoko. [8]

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