Togashi Nyima

Togashi Nyima

Togashi Nyima was a monk of the Dragon Clan who achieved enlightenment.

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

Togashi Nyima 2

Young Nyima

Nyima hated the Dragon-Phoenix War, only second to Mirumoto Daisuke. [1]

Dark Oracle Exposed to the Dragon Edit

Togashi Nyima fought alongside Mirumoto Daisuke and Hitomi Hogai in an engagement against the Phoenix that ended with Tamori, Dark Oracle of Fire, showing up in disguise as Shiba Aikune and wrecking havoc on the Dragon army, leaving the 3 men as the only survivors. They were saved by the intervention of Osano-Wo, who explained Tamori's deception and told them to construct a shrine dedicated to Hida Yakamo, Lord Sun, in order to gain his assistance against Tamori. [1]

Temple Master Edit

Nyima volunteered to be one of the monks to tend to this temple, the Shrine of the Sun. [1] He was given a Rising Sun tattoo to represent Lord Yakamo's power and became the Master of the temple. Six more Dragon were selected as temple's caretakers, including Hitomi Maya. Nyima was obsessive in his quest for justice, appearing in any place of the Empire to fight for hopeless causes [2]

Enlightenment Edit

While not a judgmental man, Togashi Nyima looked upon the rage of the Hitomi and the inaction of the Hoshi with disdain. A higher state of consciousness could not be achieved without experiencing the world, and the world could not be mastered through either fury or stagnation. Precision in thought and precision in action were required for true understanding of one's place in the world, and there were none more precise in both mind and deed than Nyima. [3]

Jade Mirror Edit

In 1168 the heads of the three tattooed orders, Hitomi Kagetora, Hoshi Wayan, and Nyima representing his lord and Champion Togashi Satsu, made a meeting in the Togashi's Shrine. A powerful nemuranai, the Jade Mirror, had been recently retrieved by the Dragon Clan. Satsu asked then to deliberate as to whether the item should be used, and if so, how. [4]

Known Tattoos Edit

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