Togashi Moho 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 509

Togashi Moho was an ise zumi of the Dragon Clan.

Imperial Court Edit

Moho's frankness and strange philosophies had made an impression upon the Emperor Hantei XI, who appointed him as one of his personal advisors in the Imperial Court. [1]

Challenged Edit

In 509 the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Meikuko was visiting the Emperor's court. [2] Despite the samurai-ko had a reputation as a cool and levelheaded general, she reacted violently to a casual statement by Moho. The Ise Zumi was challenged by the Lion Champion, and the Emperor was obliged to appoint the duel three days later. Moho was privately advised by the Hantei to quickly return to the Dragon mountains, which would be blocked by snow formonths. The Emperor expected Meikuko would forget the unintended insult during the long winter months. [1]

Death Edit

Eventually Moho performed the duel and died. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The Dragon replied by quietly leaving the city. Taking the act as an insult to the Emperor whom she served and led 20'000 Lion soldiers in an attack on Togashi Mountain. [3] The ensuing Red Snow Battle [2] ended in a complete defeat, and Meikuko committed seppuku. Her acts had been driven by the Bloodsword Revenge, which had turned Meikuko's demeanor. [1]


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