Togashi Miyoko 
Togashi Miyoko 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Togashi Taro

Togashi Miyoko, a member of Defender of the Temples sect, was a tattooed monk of the Dragon Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Miyoko was a cheerful woman, with a gentle laugh and the eyes of a child. [1] She used to sing and would find something good in every day. [2]

Family Edit

Togashi Miyoko 2


Miyoko was of samurai birth [3] and she was the younger sister of Togashi Taro. [4]

Childhood Edit

When she was a child, Miyoko lived in a village filled with the children of ashigaru killed during many wars. They were visited every week by Isawa Washichi He would come and play with the children, to raise their spirits and showed them the joys of the world. He came through wars, fires, famine, and came to help even when a mountain erupted in fire. The villagers were stranger to him, but his kindness and generosity changed the lives of dozens of children forever, including Miyoko. These children considered Wasichi a true hero. [5]

Defender of the Temples Edit

Miyoko was known she had an Air Dragon tattoo. [3] She was stationed as a guard of the temple tended by the tattoo master Togashi Iroshi. In 1169 Kitsuki Taiko came to the temple to get a tattoo as a keepsake. She told it was the reminder of his meeting with the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Satsu. Taiko knew she might not have the tattoos using the blood of Satsu, like the Togashi, but she could still wore his marks. After Taiko was tattoed she left, and Miyoko realized her sensei had used true blood of Satsu. [2]

Encountering the Spider Edit

Miyoko encountered the Spider Clan Monk Katashi at the Temple of Resolution in Crab lands in 1169, and finding him rude and uncouth she drove him from the temple creating a rivalry between the two. [6]

Journey to Crab Lands Edit

In 1170, Miyoko and the ronin Hozumi journeyed to Koten in the Crab Clan lands. They arrived at Koten shortly after Hida Kisada was murdered and were detained for questioning by Hida Sakamoto. [5] The couple were released and journeyed to the Kaiu Wall. [7]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1171 Miyoko returned to the Dragon lands after the Destroyer War began. She marched alongside Hozumi, Mirumoto Kenzo, Isawa Nakajima and his yojimbo Shiba Nobuyuki. News came that the yobanjin Army of Fire had assaulted again the Empire and they were arriving Last Ridge Village. Miyoko sought his brother Togashi Taro and convinced him to fight the minions of the Dark Oracle of Fire. He dealt with the barbarians alone. [8]

Conspiracy exposed Edit

In 1172 the peasantry believed the insidious idea that the Tosgashi were working together with the Yobanjin Army of Fire. The Scorpion Shadow Blades accompanied the Mirumoto Elite Guard to quell the conspiracy leaders. Togashi Shiori alongside Kitsuki Investigators and the Scorpion exposed that former agents of the Shadowed Tower, destroyed by the Scorpion several years ago, had instilled this theory in retribution, and they targeted the clan's closest allies, the Dragon. Miyoko used her empathy to calm down the commoners. [9]

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