Togashi Miyoki 
Born: 1103 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Mirumoto Sukune 
Siblings: Mirumoto Yukihira

Mirumoto Miyoki was a samurai-ko of the Dragon Clan, who became an outcast and finally joined the dragon in the Togashi family as the Tattooed Monk Togashi Miyoki.

Family Edit

Miyoki was the daughter of Mirumoto Sukune, karo of her father's brother Mirumoto Shosan, the Mirumoto Daimyo. [1] She had a brother, Mirumoto Yukihira. [2]

Early Years Edit

Miyoki was the childhood playmate of her cousins Mirumoto Hitomi and Mirumoto Daini. Miyoki was ten when her older cousin Mirumoto Satsu, the Mirumoto family's heir, was killed during a duel [1] in 1113 by Hida Yakamo. [3] She passed gempukku shortly after Satsu's father committed seppuku, demolished by the death of his wife. [1] Her father Sukune would act as regent of the Mirumoto until Hitomi was old enough to take the position. [2]

Station Edit

Miyoki was appointed at the edge of the Dragon Clan's lands, serving the next two years in various field units. One year after her mother died Miyoki returned to Shiro Mirumoto as an officer in the Mirumoto Elite Guard. [1]

Murderer Edit

Sentence to Death Edit

Shortly after Miyoki's return to Shiro Mirumoto, her Daimyo Hitomi hosted an Imperial Winter Court. In the last days of the event she witnessed an improptu duel of her Lady with the courtier Shosuro Nimuri. The Scorpion was beheaded and Hitomi ordered Miyoki to assume responsibility of the murder. The courtier was killed because she had stumbled upon Togashi Hoshi in his true dragon form. Kitsuki Yasu as chief magistrate conducted the investigation, and found Miyoki guilty. Miyoki's request for seppuku was refused, and Yasu sent her away of the castle to be executed as a common murderer. [1]

Ronin Edit

With Bayushi Rishu as the Scorpion representative Yasu would perform the execution, but Hitomi appeared and ordered to modify the sentence to a worse one. Miyoki would become an outcast, to live with her shame as ronin. Rishu was outmanouvered by Hitomi, who was forced to accept her decision. Miyoki was sent with an escort out of the Dragon Mountains. [1]

Joining the Togashi Edit

Ise zumi relived the Mirumoto escort, who moved Miyoki to Kyuden Togashi. The Dragon Clan Champion thanked her sacrifice on behalf of the clan and introduce her into the Togashi, becoming the monk Togashi Miyoki. She was taught by Togashi Jodome. [1] She bore the Arrowroot, Wasp, and Hawk tattoo. [4]

Clan War Edit

In 1128 during the Battle at Shinden Osano-Wo, Miyoki was instrumental in guarding the temple's sacred scrolls from Yogo Junzo's army. She retrieved Courage, one of the Five Swords of Legend from the hands of an undead. Miyoki, alongside Doji Hoturi, Mirumoto Daini, and his Naga allies moved to the Asahina Temples, to make the Crane last stand [4] in the Battle of Bloodied Honor.

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